< img src =" https://patch.com/img/cdn20/users/73761/20170906/081114/styles/raw/public/processed_images/northern_lights-1504742646-9577.jpg" > A solar flare formerly today may produce one of nature’s most spectacular programs– the Northern Lights– over the northern United States Wednesday night and into Thursday early morning. Auroras might be visible from Washington state to New England, and potentially as far south as Illinois, Ohio, Indiana and Iowa, according to a map from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Location Weather report Center.The lights are thanks to what’s called a “coronal mass ejection” that occurred Monday. The sun, which is comprised of hellishly hot charged particles called plasma roiled by a powerful electromagnetic field, does this all the time. It’s when plasma gets in the Earth’s environment that green, purple, yellow and red auroras dance throughout the sky.While the skies

will be cloudy in Chicago, that should not avoid citizens from seeing the Northern Lights, the National Weather Service informed DNAInfo. If you remain in the city, light contamination and tall buildings may be an element, so you may want to head additional north to get a far better look. Temperatures could enter into the low 50s Wednesday night though, so you may desire a jacket. 2 more effective solar flares on Wednesday early morning– among them the most powerful in more than a decade– may develop an impressive screen. However there’s some bad news, too.( To learn more on this and other area stories, register for Spot to get everyday newsletters and breaking news signals.) If intended towards Earth, the solar mass ejection, or CME, “might similarly damage satellites

, interactions and power systems, “according to space.com. The very first of the 2 solar flares at 4:10 a.m. Main time Wednesday was the strongest because 2015, however was overshadowed by one that happened 3 hours later on, according to the Space Weather Forecast Center. The last one of that magnitude remained in 2006. The solar flares triggered radio blackouts, according the Location Weather Forecast Center, consisting of to high-frequency radio, which experienced a” large area of blackouts, loss of contact for roughly an hour over [the] sunlit side of the earth.” Low-frequency communication, which is utilized in navigation systems,” was broken down for an hour. “It will not occur with these solar flares, but the vibrantly colored auroras have been viewed as far south as Cuba and Hawaii, as occurred with”

The Carrington Event of 1859, “the biggest recorded solar storm in the last 500 years. The storm shorted out telegraph wires in the United States in Europe, stunning some telegraph operators and triggering fires when discharges from the lines fired up telegraph paper, according to NASA.To take a look at Northern Lights in your area, see if your state is along the yellow line or above on the Area Weather Report Center. Map thanks to Area Weather Forecast Center Image by Uriel Sinai/Getty Images News/Getty Images By Beth Dalbey( Patch National Personnel) Subscribe



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